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Standard Room
Apartment from 22 m2 to 29m2
Standard Room with a mountain view
Apartment from 22 m2 to 36m2
Lux Apartment
Apartment from 29 m2 to 59m2
Lux Apartment with a mountain view
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Superior Apartment
Apartment from 60 m2 to 89m2
Superior Apartment with a mountain view
Apartment from 43 m2 to 60m2
Exclusive Apartment
Apartment 94m2

Szklarska Poręba – relax 365 days a year

In winter the town becomes the capital of winter sports and in summer it is a paradise for hikers and bikers. Picturesque location, proximity of nature and unique climate encourage for active leisure all year round. A legend has it that Szklarska Poręba is the land of the mysterious Mountain Spirit, the ruler of the land on the slopes of the Giant and the Jizera Mountains. Supposedly the Spirit is as old as the mountains. He is the caretaker of the local tradition and history.

Kamieńczyk Waterfall

The highest waterfall in the Polish Giant Mountains. It is located on the altitude of 843 m a.s.l. above the sea level and falls in 3 step, 27 m high cascade into the Kamieńczyk Cove.

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Śnieżne Kotły (Snow Cauldrons)

Post-glacial snow cauldrons are located in the western Giant Mountains between the Wielki Szyszko and Łabski Peak Szczyt and are divided into the Small Snow Cauldron and the Big Snow Cauldron. Their name comes from snowflakes that lie under the rocks until late summer.

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Szrenica (1362 m a.s.l)

It is located within the Giant Mountains National Park on the border with the Czech Republic. It is very popular among hikers, who can admire a stunning panorama of the Jeleniogórska Valley, the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains.

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Death turn

It is located on the Sudecka route, between Szklarska Poręba and Świeradów Zdrój. The turn reverberates to 180 degrees at the altitude of 755m above the sea level and is considered one of the most dangerous in Poland. Despite this, it enjoys great popularity, as it is also one of the most interesting scenic spots in the Giant Mountains and the Jeleniogórska Valley.

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Active leisure in winter

Szklarska Poręba has an excellent infrastructure for winter sports, and the snow cover lies for the average of 110 days a year here. Classic and downhill skiing, skitouring or cross-country skiing at the “Szrenica” resort – everyone will find something for themselves!

Skis and snowboard

15 km of pistes, routes for beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Szklarska Poręba is the largest ski resort in the Polish Giant Mountains.


Szklarska Poręba is the perfect place for cross country skiing, which make sports enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster. A dozen or so kilometers from the resort near Szrenica, there is the famous Jakuszycka Glade, which has the best cross-country trails in Central Europe – all 150km of them.

Nordic walking

It is a recreational form, which consists of walking with special sticks. It has developed in Finland and perfectly prepares for winter spree on the slopes. Nordic Walking poles are available at the reception.


This is an excellent proposition for winter mountain hiking lovers. Although it is not a new form of active recreation, it has been regaining its population in recent years. You need skis with special bindings for this sport, ones which can be used both as and downhill skis.


Thanks to snowshoes, winter hikes outside the routes have become safe. You do not need any skills to practice this activity, everyone can walk.


Active rest in the summertime

Szklarska Poręba is one of the most picturesquely located mountain resorts in Poland. The charming valley of the Kamienna river will delight everyone, and numerous cycling and hiking trails make Karkonosze the perfect place for a summer holiday in the mountains.


Szklarska Poręba is located in the Western Sudetes, a region with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Beautiful and picturesque hiking trails within the Giant Mountains National Park and the Jizera Mountains impress with their noble landscapes, the richness of nature and interesting history. The Magic Trail of the Mountain Spirit, Wandering with Fraszka, the Waloński Trail – these are just some recommended tourist routes in Szklarska Poręba. Tourist maps are available at the hotel reception.


If you like cycling in the mountains, Szklarska Poręba will be an excellent starting point for you. Most of the routes lead through pleasant forest roads that guarantee close contact with nature. Trails have different levels of difficulty, adapted to the skills and physical condition of cyclists.

Mountain climbing

The Giant and Jizera Mountains are a real rock basin where you can go mountain climbing. The most popular places in Szklarska Poręba are Krucze Skały, Krzywe Baszty, Piętnasta and Śpiewak rocks. Similar, though slightly lower, rocks can also be found in the nearby Karpacz.

Horse Riding

In the Giant Mountains there are many equestrian centers and stables that offer learning and improving horse riding. Regular horse riding improves fitness and well-being, it is also a great active recreation for the whole family.

Mountain kayaking

In spring, the area around Szklarska Poręba is becoming a real challenge for mountain kayaking enthusiasts. Snow in the mountains begins to melt, and the river beds are filled with rapid currents.

Outdoor gym

Before you go out on the trail, warm up in the outdoor gym. Morning stretching before a day’s march in the mountains will add you a lot of positive energy.

Nordic walking

It is a public pro-health activity, involving almost 100% of our body muscles and is a great preparation for winter spree on the slope. Nordic walking poles are available at the hotel reception.